ELINE by Dirak Webinar Series


Mechatronic Security System


Rack, Enclosure, Cabinet Applications

ELINE by Dirak Webinar Series


E-LINE by DIRAK is a mechatronic access control and security management system for process optimization. E-LINE by DIRAK provides for a complete documentation of the access control, ensuring e.g. the security of a data center. Individual racks, cabinets or enclosures with sensitive data can equally be protected against vandalism or unauthorized access with this modern locking systems. The system is based on RFID transponder technology which ensures that all access is identified and authorized and, thus, making it a versatile lock system used by customers in service companies such as banks and insurance companies, hospitals and telecommunications companies as well as industrial companies or public institutions.

E-LINE by DIRAK consists of three main components that complement each other: the actual physical lock, its integration into the IT network, and the associated Administration Suite software to monitor the systems.

MLR (Mechatronic Locks for Racks)
These mechatronic locking systems are mainly used for monitoring server racks.

MLE (Mechatronic Locks for Enclosures)
These mechatronic locks are used in outdoor enclosures, in public places such as airports, train stations or social hotspots as they provide special protection against vandalism.

MLU (Mechatronic Locks for Universal applications)
Flexible and versatile indoor locking systems, e.g. for drawers, cabinets and enclosures that have to be secured against unauthorized access. These locks are also used to extend an existing mechanical locking system by adding an electronic locking system.

Administration Suite software
DIRAK‘s security management software: The Administration Suite controls and monitors the E-LINE MLR3000 & MLR5000 and MLU3000 & MLU5000 lock systems. Moreover, this efficient software includes a wide range of additional features.

E-LINE by DIRAK can be flexibly integrated into the particular security system of the customer. Together with you, we will select the right system. We also assist you with the installation and offer support and maintenance of the systems. Our network ensures, that the E-LINE by DIRAK solution will perfectly meet your application requirements. DIRAK has global sales offices and technical competence centres - we also have a local office in your area.